01 August 2014

Jeremiah R. - Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (Enklav. ‎ENK015 - 2014)

Jeremiah R. from Rotterdam is a dreamer, pursuing the sounds of electro's atmospheric section, when to decide by his EP for the Italian label Enklav. [yes there is a full stop at the end].
It gets a cautious start with harmonic layers in „Interdimensional  Beings“, to fit the loungy ambience of design hotels. The title theme “Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit” advances one level up, appearing as an intelligent and clinical electro track.
Gentle breeze of dub arrives in “Infinite Skies”, a toughtful and relaxing piece and after wellness department we reach glimmering “Exile", arching over to my personal favourite “Illuminated Process" - an intense tune built on electro disco riff and cascading pads.
"Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit", which in some elements reminds of Model 500, John Beltran or Plant43, is Jeremiah R.'s third release, after a CDr album in 2011 and the twelve "The New Wave" last year, with a remix by Drexciya and Dopplereffekt member Gerald Donald aka Heinrich Mueller.

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AnD - Esoteric Systems (Repitch Recordings ‎RPITCH03 - 2014)

The EP "Esoteric Systems" marks AnD's return to Repitch with rampant acid techno, slightly revealing the duo's experimental mind clusters on the flip.
The A-side hammers well above 130 BPM, the crowd firstly being served by blasting “Dusty Artefacts” which stands for AnD’s usual hard side tools, backed up by fretful and noisy “New World Order”.
Despite subdued bass action, “All Seeing Eye”, spasms from freemasonic rites bring us another frenetic track, the best one of the EP and acidiferous sinusoids of “Embryonic” take to a meeting with the Unknown in a stranded alien vessel.
So it's another demolishing session by Andrew Bowen and Dimitri Poumplidis from Manchester and the guys are also preparing the debut album "Cosmic Microwave Background", expected on Electric Deluxe in October.

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29 July 2014

Koehler - Dynasty (Berceuse Heroique BH 007 - 2014)

"Dynasty" used to be a TV soap in the 1980s, featuring housewife idols John Forsythe and Joan Collins and none of those long-haired eccentrics keeping the contact to the ordinary world. The attitude of the UK producer Koehler is just the opposite when creating his own "Dynasty" and landing on Berceuse Heroique after old school appearances for Skudge and R-Zone.
Crunchy and deliberately dusty synth sequence rolls across the title track while electro-futuristic "Spiral Light" sports a fluorescent riff and relaxed drum set, making it the most engaging track of the release. Pad delays and female whispers in "Deleted Scene" are familiar from 1990s hard trance intros but the track itself is actually a two-minute outro. Suitable for the ordinary world but does not knock the socks off.

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25 July 2014

Florian Kupfer - Head (L.I.E.S. LIES-BLK-06 - 2014)

Musically, Florian Kupfer has experienced a lot in his young life. At eight he joined children's church choir with rehearsals six times a week, he told in an interview for De:Bug. However it did not last forever when the fellow from Wiesbaden turned to hip hop in his teens, to fall under the spell of drum machines thereafter. After a successful promo to Ron Morelli via Soundcloud, Kupfer has become a L.I.E.S. regular and with "Head" he delivers four shots of rebel house for the label's black series.
Deformed synth chords introduce the bass-crazy title "Head" where the alarm clock and bells provide much more efficient mental cure than seeing a shrink. "Problems" follows the suit of post-Chicago modulations, served with claps, hi-hats and freaky Hammond heard in Hieroglyphic Being's "Cosmic Bebop". Compared to the previous, "This Society (Betrayal Mix)" dwells in almost laid back spheres when sultry chords are arching over bleeps and scarred textures. For the end distorted and dissonant stomper "K" fires with exclamations by a robotic hard rhymer close to "Dominator".
If undecided which one to pick from L.I.E.S. ever-expanding catalogue, this is the one for jacking in a deserted warehouse.

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16 July 2014

Edanticonf - Human Body Movement (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series MRECLTDGS09 - 2014)

Release date is in July 2014
Four variations on the theme "Movement" by the Italian artist Edanticonf who has previously claimed a central spot in the roster of the Vancouver imprint Silent Season.
Usually we can smell dub techno in Edanticonf's productions and his approach on the EP for M_Rec Ltd's Grey Series is not hugely different. After being introduced with swirling arpeggios recalling the heyday of Berlin's MFS, the other tracks maintain the fidgety synth line, placed over a solid set of echoing textures and technoid pulses. The B1 track goes more atmospheric while the final one belongs to the league of most usual dub techno tracks.
Edanticonf is clearly referring to classic trance influences in his newest production, showing the joyful side of electronic music. Like other Grey Series releases, "Human Body Movement" is vinyl-only and comes with nicely daring artwork, here endorsed by a literally teasing video.

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10 July 2014

Terminal 313 Juno Chart - July 2014: Beau Wanzer, Ekman, Robert Crash

This month's selection is topped by an odd four-tracker by Chicago's Beau Wanzer out soon on Nation Records. "Power Outage" is an experimental amalgamation of turbo disco, dark wave and viagra. Listening to Ekman's eerie new strike on Panzerkreuz one can understand all the fuss about the Dutch producer fond of dirty acid stuff. Robert Crash's inspiration lies in early Chicago acid of Phuture and likes but he adds unexpected twist to the tracks in "Friends To Friends".
"The Giant Monarch", an excellent mini compilation comes from New York's Fifth Wall Records with the artists L'estasi Dell'oro, Greg Z, Loric and Shawn O'Sullivan. Weighty package of industrial techno titled "Paris/Berlin: 20 Yeard Of Underground Techno", new material by Hadamard on Solar One Music and Metasplice on Morphine belong also to the upper half of the ranking.

Direct link to the chart.

Varg - Gravrösens Bortglömda Band (Semantica Records ‎SEMANTICA 68 - 2014)

In "Gravrösens Bortglömda Band", released simultaneously with S100's "Genesis" in Semantica's recent Swedish round, Varg leaves the Northern Electronics hideaway for urban crowds targeted by the Madrid label.
After the ambient intro "Lossning I Dimma, Kallholmen 04.53", floor-minded "Västra Skogen" twins with ethereal fireballs produced by Abdulla Rashim, Varg's pal in the Ulwhednar project, while being exposed to thin acid rain we remember from "Misantropen" on NE.
Staying in steady motion, "Stupagreve Homuth" delves deeper into dubby spheres while electro-smelling and crawling "Norrlandsbrigad 69R" is the most wolfish cut of the selection that mostly feels like drinking from a crystal-clear source.

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